The Benefits Of Interacting With Customers Across Multiple Platforms Or Channels

Just about everyone walks around with a smartphone these days and that means that if you own a business, your customers immediately have at least two different ways to contact you right in their pocket: by phone or by web. Customers expect convenience when trying to contact anyone in customer service today, and your business will stand to benefit if you expand the number of channels with which you communicate to your customers.

Your Company's Future Is In The Stars: Responding To Online Reviews, From One-Star To Five

Whether you use an online review monitoring service or interact with customers yourself, responding to online reviews is tantamount to the success of your brand. From one-star to five-star, each review can be a key to your success or failure. Here’s why: You Can Un-Do Disappointment Customers are quick to drop bad reviews, as they’re accustomed to instant gratification. If your product or service disappoints right away, a consumer may leave a negative review, thinking that’s the end of it; however, when you, or a service representing you, steps in to apologize, explain and instruct, that consumer could change their mind about the situation as quickly as they dropped the low-star rating.

How Storybrand Brandscript Helps Recreational Marijuana Sites

Recreational marijuana has become very popular in many areas in recent years, as it provides legal and safe ways to enjoy this product. And many of these providers are turning to storytelling concepts to create engaging stories that draw in potential buyers and make them more interested in a business’ products. Here, you can learn how marijuana sites can benefit from StoryBrand BrandScript examples.  Good Marketing Tells Stories BrandScript is a unique element designed to help create a script that businesses can follow.