Factors That Improve Search Engine Optimization

Search engines take numerous factors into account when ranking sites. If you're conducting search engine optimization (SEO) for a website, here are some of the more notable factors to improve.

On-Page Keyword Usage

Search engines rely heavily on web pages' content to determine what the pages are about. The right terms properly placed on a web page can help search engines precisely determine the focus of a given web page.

Basic on-page search engine optimization begins with placing a given keyword in the page title, main header (if different from the page title), subheaders, and written content. Within the content, a keyword can be placed within the introduction, periodically throughout the body, and in the conclusion.

The next step of on-page search engine optimization involves using variant keywords. These may be more specific than the main keyword, or they could be different arrangements of the main keyword. Whatever alternative terms searchers might use are good keywords to include. These alternative keywords can be especially effective at getting ranked for longtail terms.

For more advanced on-page search engine optimization, also tag pictures with the keyword, and use it in the page's footer.

On-Site Linking

On-site links pass link juice along your site, and they also give you an opportunity to choose the exact anchor text that links have. Link between pages using the target page's primary keyword as the anchor text of the links that point to it. This is another way to show search engines what each page is about.

Off-Site Backlinking

Backlinks from other websites function much like an endorsement. Just as some endorsements are more significant than others, so are some backlinks. Every backlink from a legitimate website is another vote of confidence for your website, though. Links from major websites can provide a large boost to rankings, but they should be rounded out with links from smaller sites.

Directories are an easy place to get backlinks, and there are plenty of free directories. You can also get backlinks from blogs, websites that list resources, and web 2.0 pages that you control. If you have other websites, linking between them can help too.

As you build backlinks from other websites, try to use a mixture of anchor texts. Some sites will let you choose the anchor text, and others will use what they feel is best. A mixture of anchors that are related to your website will help your site slowly increase in many search rankings.

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