The Benefits Of Interacting With Customers Across Multiple Platforms Or Channels

Just about everyone walks around with a smartphone these days and that means that if you own a business, your customers immediately have at least two different ways to contact you right in their pocket: by phone or by web. Customers expect convenience when trying to contact anyone in customer service today, and your business will stand to benefit if you expand the number of channels with which you communicate to your customers. Here's why you might want to look into such an expansion as well as the adoption of an omnichannel engagement platform for your business today.

More Opportunities to Make Contact Means More Opportunities to Gain a New Customer

With the entire internet in their pocket, most customers are now adept at quickly locating the information or product they need. Your goal as a business should be to make it as easy as possible for someone who is "just looking" at your site to move towards a purchase decision. One way to do this could be to have a chat agent automatically connect to a messaging app if the site detects the customer lingering on the page. That customer might never have taken the step of calling your customer service phone number, but it's relatively painless to tap out a message in a messaging app that's already on the screen.

More Options to Connect With Your Team Means Faster Problem Solving and Better Long-Term Satisfaction

When a customer has a problem, they want it fixed immediately. Giving your customers multiple channels to seek support could lead to lower queue times across all channels and allow your team to help your customers even faster. Better long-term customer support will lead to happier customers in the long run.

An Omnichannel Engagement Platform Can Help Your Company Expand Its Support Options Seamlessly

If your company only has a customer support number at the moment, you might need help getting started with omnichannel support. The easiest way to do this might be to contact a provider of an omnichannel engagement platform. Not only can this point you in the right direction as to which additional types of platforms you'd like to add, but it can also serve as a one-stop-shop for your support employees as they react to incoming inquiries. An omnichannel engagement platform will update in real-time as customers reach out via phone, e-mail, a messaging app, a website portal, and additional channels of support. Your new engagement platform will also assist you with keeping the customer's support record intact across all of these platforms.