How Storybrand Brandscript Helps Recreational Marijuana Sites

Recreational marijuana has become very popular in many areas in recent years, as it provides legal and safe ways to enjoy this product. And many of these providers are turning to storytelling concepts to create engaging stories that draw in potential buyers and make them more interested in a business' products. Here, you can learn how marijuana sites can benefit from StoryBrand BrandScript examples. 

Good Marketing Tells Stories

BrandScript is a unique element designed to help create a script that businesses can follow. For example, recreational marijuana sites want to tell the story that their products are safe to use, carefully tested medically, and completely legal for those who may want to try them out for the first time.

A good front page should include various storytelling elements — such as photos of smiling people and information about the company — that tell the same story and help it feel real to the average person. Unification between the front page and all of its sub-sections is critical because it can help teach customers more about the different benefits of high-quality medical marijuana and make it easier for them to be satisfied with the products that they purchase.

StoryBrand Example Sites That May Be Worth Emulating

Examples of sites that use this type of approach include a personal training group that integrates elements such as call-out boxes that attract people who want to get into shape and a section dedicated to "Crossfit Heroes" that highlights their success. Examples like these can be integrated into a recreational marijuana site to make it more effective and easy to understand.

Another site that recreational marijuana businesses may want to consider as an example is a site designed to help people find great wedding venues. Engaged couples can find a myriad of different wedding photos, various types of engaging text, and much more to tell a story of the joy and happiness they could feel on their special day. Crafting a similar message focused on recreational marijuana may help a company succeed.

Tweaking these approaches is relatively simple for a recreational marijuana website. For example, a "dispensary finder" could be integrated on the site to tell buyers that this dispensary cares about its customers finding high-quality recreational marijuana. It also helps show how widespread these options are and make it easier for somebody who has never tried these products to get involved with them for the first time.